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About us


Maayan International, an enterprise of the Bensoussan family, was originally incorporated in 1998 to bring high quality products to market.  In recent years we have concentrated on importing top-quality culinary oils from Morocco, notably olive oil and argan oil.  Both products convey extensive health benefits to those who consume them regularly, as well as enhancing any recipe with their unique, delicious flavor.  

              The Bensoussan family’s roots go back many centuries to Spain and Morocco.  In Morocco, the family was involved in the production and distribution of quality foods a century ago, and we carry that experience forward with us. 

              Part of our experience involves being able to source precisely the right terroir to grow the olives that will yield the most pure, golden, flavorful oil.  We choose our orchards and olive varieties carefully, growing them organically and processing them artisanally to create a product you will be proud to serve on your table. 

              Like our olive oil, our argan oil is sourced in the south of Morocco, the only place in the world where these unique trees grow.  While argan oil is primarily known in the West for its use in shampoos and creams, argan oil in its purest form is a health-boosting, delectable culinary oil that adds a unique flavor to salads, bread, pastas and more.  We invite you to give it a try.  We’re sure you’ll be enchanted!